Ways To Donate

There are several ways that you can be a part of keeping Austin fed.

Donate Time

All of our food rescues are done by volunteers, and these food runs happen 7 days a week. The amount of food that we are able to rescue and redistribute is capped by the number of volunteers we have available to make these runs. With just about one hour of your time, you can rescue enough food to feed 150 people!

Donate food

Of course, without the donation of surplus food, we would have nothing to pass along to our hungry neighbors. If you own a food establishment and have a commercial license and find yourself with perfectly edible surplus food, give us a call!


Donate Money

Keep Austin Fed provides a service that is free to the food establishments donating the food, and free to the recipient organizations receiving the food. Our volunteers use their own cars and their own gas. But that doesn't mean there is no cost to rescue the food - we still need equipment to safely transport the food, and software to manage our processes. Even so every $1 you donate helps us rescue about 10 pounds of food!