Keep Austin Fed Week



Why is the week of 7/7 Keep Austin fed week?

Summertime can be a tough time for families facing food insecurity. Kids are no longer being provided with breakfast and lunch through school programs, and it isn't always possible for them to get to summer meal program locations on their own in the middle of the day. Additionally, hard-working and already cash-strapped parents are further burdened with having to figure out how to keep their kids safe during those hours they would normally be in school (read "camps" or "$$$") and are being met with skyrocketing utility bills in the heat of the Texas summer. And yet, those not in this position tend to forget about their neighbors in need as they focus on their own summer vacations and spending quality time with their own families.

Because of the amazing work our army of volunteers does, we have calculated that we have been able to rescue enough food to feed an individual 3 meals/day for a whole month for about $7. A family of four could be fed with rescued food for only $30/month. To highlight the significant impact a $7 donation can have, we have declared the week of 7/7 to be Keep Austin Fed Week.