Volunteer Spotlight: Cynthia Reynolds

Cynthia Reynolds - food run.jpg

Where is your hometown?

I grew up in Dallas, but have been in Austin since coming to UT for college in the early 70's

How do you spend your time outside of volunteering?

My husband, Peach, and I have a small real estate business, Kaleido Properties. Also, we operate 8 furnished rentals through our company Zilker Vacations. I mostly work with the vacation rentals.

Any unusual hobbies, skills, or talents?

Nothing unusual, I just like to cook. We usher for several theatres and music organizations in town as well.

How long have you been volunteering with KAF and what made you want to get involved? Do you have any memorable stories from food runs/drop-offs?

I started when my cousin, Ira Kaplan was formulating the idea of Keep Austin Fed with our friend Randy Rosens. Ira also ushered with us at the Paramount.

What's your favorite thing about volunteering for KAF?

I love the appreciation the recipients have for the food we drop off and how we are able to keep edible food out of the landfill. It's a feel good, win/win operation.

Do you have any fun tips for how you personally reduce food waste in your own home?

I use the oldest food first, so I don't have to throw out food. I try not to overbuy as well. And we compost for our garden, so keep food out of the landfill.

What would you like add so that others can get to know you better?

I answer the hotline phones on Tuesdays and Thursdays since I don't have a strong back to lift heavy boxes, but want to stay involved as much as possible. I am a volunteer Voter Registrar also.

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