3 MILLION pounds of food rescued!


Bolstered by the Thanksgiving holiday food surplus, Keep Austin Fed hit a milestone of 3M pounds of rescued food. That’s the equivalent of 2,500,000 meals provided to our community fighting hunger.

“During this holiday of giving, we are so grateful to not only feed so many of our hard working neighbors, but to do that with wholesome rescued food that might otherwise be simply discarded or composted,” said Program Director Lisa Barden. “Without our cadre of volunteers, none of this would be possible. We are very fortunate to live in a community that is willing to give of their time and treasure to provide their neighbors with a helping hand.”

Keep Austin Fed volunteers rescue perishable food daily from grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, and retailers all over town. Volunteers deliver it directly to charitable organizations equipped to safely distribute it to people in need. This milestone food rescue was recovered by veteran volunteers Laura Cortez and Hector Fisher, and delivered to the Foundation Communities Arbor Terrace housing complex, one of over 50 partner recipient organizations providing valuable services to Austin. When asked what drives Laura to volunteer with Keep Austin Fed, she told us, “Keep Austin Fed helped me and my family a lot of help after the floods on Halloween of 2013 when we lost everything. From then, I just keep helping because I feel like I owe my society something.” With continued support from dedicated volunteers, recipients and donors, Keep Austin Fed bridges the gaps between food surplus and food insecurity.

Founded in 2004 with a handful of committed volunteers dedicated to saving good food by passing it along to nonprofits serving neighbors who need it most, Keep Austin Fed has become integral to a community where an estimated 180,000 fight food insecurity — 1 in 3 of those being children. With the full implementation of the City’s Universal Recycling Ordinance that requires restaurants to have a documented Organics Diversion Plan, even more businesses are looking to donate their edible surplus food. Keep Austin Fed always welcome people interested in volunteering to help fulfill its dual mission of feeding those in need while helping the environment.

Program Director