Recipient Spotlight: Brighter Days Food Pantry

photo courtesy of Brighter Days Food Pantry

photo courtesy of Brighter Days Food Pantry

For those who don't know about Brighter Days, can you please give us a brief overview of the function of the organization?

Brighter Days Food Pantry works toward making sure the families in our community are able to eat on a daily basis. We provide basic canned goods, fresh produce, dairy and meat when available. Our goal is to allow the families to meet other needs they may have by supplementing their groceries. Our pantry is also concerned about their mental, physical, financial and spiritual needs. We have community representatives from different organizations come in during our pantry time to work with our families.

How many residents are currently participating in the Austin program?

We serve an average of 108 families every week representing 350 individuals.

How many people has Brighter Days Austin helped over the years?

Over the last 5 years we have served over 23,000 families which represents over 80,000 individuals.

Do you have any particular memories from your work that demonstrate the positive impact Brighter Days has had on an individual or a community?

One of the most favorite memories is of a family that we helped a couple of years ago. Our program is set up to where a carry out volunteer walks with the family as they choose the food they need. During several weeks of this family coming, a friendship was formed between them and some of our volunteers. From this, one of our volunteers was able to help the father get a better paying job in his field which led to them being able to move to better living arrangements. Eventually, this family was able to stand on their own and is serving the community where they live now.

 How has KAF been beneficial to Brighter Days?

KAF has given us the ability to offer our families more fresh produce, dairy items and meat. This has allowed us to serve our families with healthier food choices. We are proud to have been a partner with KAF for the last several years and look forward to growing this partnership in the coming years.

Andrea Duty