Keep Austin Fed Rescues Its 2,000,000th Pound!

AUSTIN, TX –Keep Austin Fed surpassed the milestone of two million pounds of
food rescued to provide more than 1.5 million meals for hungry Central Texans
since they began tracking food weights in 2014. “This is a glorious and
humbling moment for us,” said Founder Randy Rosens. “What started out in
2004 as one person’s aspiration to save a little good food and pass it along to
our hungry neighbors has grown into an organized movement that’s improving
the quality of life for thousands of people while helping ease the burden on our
landfills and protect our environment.”

“Austin alone accounts for about 200 million pounds of food wasted every year.
That’s unacceptable when we have nearly 180,000 people in our own
community who don’t know where their next meal is coming from,” said
Program Director Lisa Barden. “With greater efficiencies, planning, and
volunteer commitment we’ve seen a steady climb in the amount of nutritious
food we’ve been able to save for people who desperately need it right here in
our own backyard. Of course, we want to reach even more people. The food
donors are out there, willing and waiting to contribute, but Keep Austin Fed
needs more volunteers to achieve that goal.”

Keep Austin Fed collects surplus food from grocery stores, restaurants, caterers,
and retailers all over town and delivers it directly to charitable organizations
equipped to safely distribute it to people in need. This milestone food rescue
was delivered to Bluebonnet Studios, one of Austin’s Foundation Communities
providing an affordable living option to veterans, musicians registered with HAAM, young adults transferring out of the foster system, and other low income individuals. With continued support from dedicated volunteers and donors, Keep Austin Fed bridges the gaps between food surplus and food insecurity.

Andrea DutyNews, Food Waste