Spotlight | Karla Njathi of Marjorie Daw

Karla Njathi

Karla Njathi (photo by MDK Photography)

Name: Karla Njathi

Age: 24

Occupation: digital artist

KAF Role: food runner, Saturday Trader Joe’s Rollingwood site coordinator

How did you get involved?  I’m part of Marjorie Daw, an independent co-op that was in need of food to supplement our sparse supply. We were also willing to volunteer, so we donated [our time] as well as became recipients.

What your most notable KAF memory?  The first drop-off at my co-op. [KAF founder] Randy and [KAF executive director] Susan showed up with more food than we could store. It was a great feeling to know that there were people helping those in Austin that struggle to afford basic necessities.

What drives your passion for KAF or food rescue in general?  Knowing that I’m helping people in Austin cope with the rapidly increasing cost of living by providing a basic necessity that is needlessly thrown out in mass.

How does your work with KAF impact your personal life?  Within my personal life, it feels good to have a weekly dedicated time to improve the lives of Austinites. For the bit of time it takes to deliver donations, the impact is tremendous.

Karla Njathi sorts through donated surplus food from Snap Kitchen.

Karla Njathi sorts through donated surplus food from Snap Kitchen. The store offers fresh, healthy take out food with locally sourced ingredients and donates to Keep Austin Fed daily. (photo by MDK Photography)

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