SpinFish returns to SXSW Eco

SpinFish is coming back to Austin for SXSW Eco on Oct 7-8 and has invited Keep Austin Fed to accept surplus durable food donations (like power bars, sports drinks, etc.) for a second year in a row.

spin fish event solutionsSpinFish Event Solutions is a waste diversion and rescue service specializing in diverting event leftovers from the landfill. By providing more sustainable options for unwanted custom event materials and waste through charitable donations, refurbishments, freecycling, upcycling and more, the organization aims to reduce event waste by more than 90 percent.

In March, SpinFish diverted an estimated 10,000 pounds of material from the entire SXSW lineup to artists, nonprofits, and others interested in reusing surplus items from the annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin.

Renee Hansen of SpinFish said the group will take inventory of all the surplus material from SXSW, not just food. That includes everything from promotional items like pens and bags, to raw materials like vinyl signs, pallets, and cardboard. They are building a database of needs, which they will match with individuals, artists, and organizations willing to come pick it up so it doesn’t wind up in the landfill.

SpinFish will contact those interested in picking up the material on Mon. Oct 6 to schedule pickups on Tue. Oct. 7 and Wed. Oct. 8. Volunteers are needed to help support the waste diversion efforts on the evening of Oct. 7 and all day on Oct. 8.

To participate, e-mail SpinFish or visit http://spinfishinc.com.

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