Recipients FAQ

How does Keep Austin Fed work?
Our donors keep our volunteers busy by donating tons of food we transport to KAF recipients. There is no cost to donors or KAF recipients – we provide equipment, training, and support while volunteers donate their time and use their own vehicles. It’s a lot of work, but it’s incredibly rewarding. We keep good food out of the landfill, and make sure we get healthy meals to our neighbors in need.

We specialize in “just-in-time” surplus food pickup and delivery, and most of our donors give us prepared food — cooked meals, salads, sandwiches, etc., which have extremely short shelf lives; the food can be either hot or cold. For that reason, a quick response time and safe food handling is critical. That’s why we require volunteers have a food handler’s permit.

Some donors offer whole foods, such as crates of fresh produce, frozen uncooked meat, and bulk bagged salads. Others give us nonperishable foods. Still others donate a mix of all the above. Our volunteers also occasionally handle other items like health care products.

Donations must be in unopened packages or must not have been previously served. For catered events, we do not accept food in which guests served themselves and we require donated food be kept at the proper temperature. We also do not accept home cooked meals or food that has been stored at a residence.

Do you provide food to individuals?
No. We partner with charitable organizations who serve people in need – we call them KAF recipients. If you need food assistance, contact a nearby food pantry or soup kitchen for help. The Capital Area Food Bank can help and the website Need Help Paying Bills offers a list of Austin-area pantries.

How can my organization become a KAF recipient?
Apply to be a KAF recipient on our website or call the KAF Hotline at (512) 831-3654 if you have any questions. We’ll screen your application and determine the best way to help. It can take a few weeks to finalize the process, so please be patient.

Would KAF provide food to feed people at an event related to hunger? Maybe. We have provided food for such events as trainings and city council hearings as a demonstration of the work we do, but our priority will always be to make sure food goes to hungry people in need. We’ll decide on a case-by-case basis, but we can never guarantee food will be available for a scheduled event.

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