Konvergentsiya.V nerve center of several cells can transmit impulses to one neuron, t. E. The excitation converge on buy xenical online it. Convergence may be the result of the arrival of excitatory or inhibitory inputs from various sources. Thus, the motor neurons of the buy accutane spinal cord may receive impulses from peripheral nerve fibers within the spinal cord; fibers connecting the segments of the spinal cord; corticospinal fibers from the cerebral cortex; inhibitory pathways from the reticular formation. As a result of the convergence occurs summation of impulses from these sources, and there is a response, which is the combined effect of heterogeneous information.    

Lynda Frost

Lynda 2016Lynda Frost is a friend of Randy Rosens and Ira Kaplan and has watched Keep Austin Fed blossom from their initial inspiration for connecting people and meeting needs. She has served on the board of other new nonprofits in Texas and Virginia and is honored to work with Keep Austin Fed. Since moving to Austin, Lynda has worked for the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, overseeing grants, policy, and other programmatic matters. Prior to that, she worked as a K-12 teacher in Mexico and Colombia and a law professor in Virginia and Cairo, Egypt.