Lisa Barden

momentAfter graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Lisa started her career at The University of Texas at Austin, first as a computer programmer in the Admissions and Registrar’s Offices, where she developed one of the first dynamic applications available on the Internet for the university’s students, later moving on to the Cockrell School of Engineering as the IT manager for custom software applications. After 22 years, Lisa chose to switch it up with a stint as General Manager of Dynamax, Inc., where her duties ranged from managing relationships with fitness equipment distributors worldwide, streamlining large order fulfillment to meet a demand growth of 130% in 2 years, and attending trade shows, conference, and educational events to demo the use of the product and promote the brand. She left Dynamax to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor to promote health and fitness through expanding the definition and accessibility of all movement for all people with a company called FRESH.

Lisa started volunteering with KAF after watching the documentary Just Eat It, in May 2015. She was astounded by facts on the prevalence of food insecurity and the vast amount of perfectly good food that gets thrown away. Almost immediately after watching that movie, she signed up as a volunteer. Lisa says she is “humbly energized” by the appreciation in the faces and voices of the recipients. “I had no idea we had such a large number of people living all over Austin with food insecurities.” Her passion and dedication to the cause, which started with just a few hours a week, have led to her new role as the organization’s program director.