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Jennifer James

jen-professional-picture-2Jennifer’s journey with KAF began in October 2013 in a community college philosophy class. Her professor gave the class two options for a project: write a research paper or participate in a community service project with a final reflection essay on the experience. She opted for the service project and volunteered six hours that semester with Keep Austin Fed. On her first food run with the organization to a local grocery store, her mouth dropped open at the sight of the tremendous amount of food that would have ended up in the dumpster if she (and other volunteers) had not been there to pick it up.

After writing the reflection paper and finishing up the semester, she reflected on her experience with Keep Austin Fed and realized that she just had to continue helping people with food insecurity as well as helping the environment by keeping food out of the landfills. She got increasingly involved in leadership positions and is currently volunteering her time as Logistics Director and Volunteer Director.