KAF nourishes community in ways partner can’t

As boxes rolled out to the dock, Ira Kaplan said, “This is going to be a great day.”

volunteers sort 800 pounds of food donated by Trader Joe'sDespite temperatures falling toward the low 30s, rain and gusty winds the Keep Austin Fed volunteers gathered at Trader Joe’s.  Everyone was focused and smiling!

Random boxes containing fresh produce, frozen meats, and baked goods were efficiently separated and the contents organized into cartons ready for delivery.  We loaded up our cars and, as quickly as we gathered, we were gone — on our way to four Austin recipients designated for today’s rescued food.   My wife Val and I delivered about 200 pounds to Austin Restoration Ministries (ARM).

Ira Carey, one of the ARM directors, profusely thanked us and insisted on a tour to see the great work we are supporting.  Room after room, happy faces, young and old, said without words “ARM nourishes the soul of their community.”   What made the day great for both Ira’s and us was knowing today’s rescue will nourish the ARM community in ways the ministry isn’t able to do.

Together, KAF volunteers rescued more than 800 pounds of food and took another step toward helping Keep Austin Fed. Ira Kaplan was right.  It was a great day.

Joel Granoff  works for SAP. He’s passionate about ATX, SAP, revenue marketing, friends, family, and community. Follow Joel on Twitter at @JoelGranoff or visit paper.li/JoelGranoff.

One thought on “KAF nourishes community in ways partner can’t

  1. Adeana Reveles

    Thank you so much for documenting this Joel! What a wonderful way for us to look back and remember the colder/rainier times and that we still had smiles on our faces!

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