‘Every little bit helps’ in language, food rescue

A Child’s Garden of Language hosted a donation based Hindi language immersion class every Saturday in the month of July to help raise money for Keep Austin Fed. During the fundraiser, organizers collected $38. At Keep Austin Fed, we know that every little bit helps.

Sarah Stasica, owner of A Child’s Garden of Language, said that concept applies to learning a language too. “If someone does one session with us, they won’t be fluent, but they will have a positive experience with language. They get to be silly, have fun, and sing songs – that positive experience might make them more open to learning language later.”

The money raised would be enough to buy a digital scale used to weigh food, about 5 plastic totes for carrying food that doesn’t require refrigeration, or about 3 insulated bags for carrying cold or wam food.

Stasica started A Child’s Garden of Language in the summer of 2012 with the mission of “creating as many bi-lingual kids in Austin as possible.” Stasica said there are many documented benefits for children to learn a second language – especially under the age of seven. “Research shows that the sensitive period for language learn starts at infancy. Studies have repeatedly shown that foreign language learning increases critical thinking skills, creativity, and flexibility of the mind.”

Stasica was born in Austin and feels lucky to be able to give back to the community. “This is my hometown. I grew up in love with Austin,” she said. Stasica heard about Keep Austin Fed when she was looking for a charity to support. “One of the co-owners of Snapology recommended Keep Austin Fed when we were looking to find a charity to donate to,” Stasica said. “Then, I remember hearing about Keep Austin Fed from one of our old neighbors, Ira. It all came together.”

Christine Napierkowski of Snapology Austin provided a free LEGO activity during The Hot Dang’s fund raiser in March to benefit Keep Austin Fed called DangBall – a dodge ball tournament at Mueller Farmer’s Market. Ira Kaplan is a founding member of Keep Austin Fed who has appeared in videos and news stories describing his food rescue work.

The free Hindi immersion classes were made possible when several people came together to give back to the community. Native speaker and Hindi teacher Shruti Kumar volunteered her time and talent while Karen, owner of All Things Kids at the Domain, volunteered the use of her store space for the classes.

“On a bigger level we’re all part of a community,” Stasica said. “We’re all trying to make Austin a better place.”

If you’d like to help Keep Austin Fed visit our wishlist on Amazon or schedule a financial contribution. You can also donate food, become a volunteer, or apply for your organization to become a recipient.

Garden of Lang-001

Owner of A Child’s Garden of Language, Sarah Stasica (left),
and Hindi teacher Shruti Kumar helped raise $38 for Keep Austin Fed, enough to outfit volunteers with much needed equipment. (photo by MDK Photography)


Garden of Lang-002

Hindi teacher Shruti Kumar leads an immersion class in which she exposes young children to the most widely spoken language of northern India. (photo by MDK Photography)

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