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Keep Austin Fed
3903 S. Congress Ave.
Austin, Texas 78704
(512) 831-3654

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16 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Kayla

    Congrats to all you guys and gals! Beautiful website and pics—with more to come!! So proud of you.
    Yeah! See you around soon.

    Best, Kayla

  2. randy

    Kayla, as our most decidated & passionate donor-champion, you have brought, through your own sense of compassion, an element of food rescue-now part of our mission- “Best Food First” You are a member of the the Keep Austin Fed Family, now & always. Please accept our Deepest appreciation , Randy, Founder

  3. Natasha Madison

    We have a TON of brilliant produce donated by Green Gate Farms for an event we had yesterday. Too much for my family to eat, looking to give it a good home. Busy with trip planning and packing so calling is best. 512-970-7579. Thanks


  4. Daphne Briggs

    Could you plz email me an address where I can email you or your origination in regards to food that might be available??

  5. Doris Constantine and Darryl Wimberley

    It was delightful bumping into you at Barton Springs Sunday evening. Enjoyed the conversation (and Darryl is completely stoked about your living situation!) and would love to visit again before you head back the the northwest.

    Give us a call or email…512 663-5732 (darryl) or 512 663-4574 (doris).

    D & D

  6. Jess Mitchell

    Hi there,
    I can’t find a phone number for media.
    I’m looking to do a story with you guys.
    Give me a call! 512-743-4389.

  7. Jason Marek

    Greetings Randy!

    My name is Jason Marek. I run our Downtown Houston SNAP Kitchen location and also act as the Houston Market Events Coordinator. As a region we have been very inspired by the great things that your organization has been doing for the Austin community. Some of us are thinking about opening up a 501c3 non profit similar to Keep Austin Perhaps an extension of Keep Austin Fed – a Houston chapter. When time permits I would love to have the opportunity to speak with you in regards to this idea. I am sure you know that SNAP Kitchen as a company is growing at a rapid rate and just from our Houston surplus alone we could feed a small army! You can contact me at any time directly @ 832.687.5438 (cell) or Thank you for your time!

    Jason Marek
    SNAP Kitchen, Houston TX

  8. Ingrid Vasquez

    Good afternoon,
    my name is Ingrid Vasquez and I am currently a 3rd year journalism student at UT. I am currently enrolled in a long form feature writing class where I was interested in writing about Keep Austin Fed in a 4000 word story. What this would mean is that I would just tag along and see what gets done as well as maybe talk to some volunteers. I will not publish this story and only share the information with my professor. I am extremely interested in writing about this organization and hope that it is possible.

    Thank you,

    Ingrid Vasquez

  9. Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson


    I’d like to welcome y’all to use the Austin Sustainable Swap at Hot Mama’s Cafe, every 3rd Saturday of the month, from 12-4, as a space to promote your efforts in the community, as well as to use as a donation pick-up point for y’all, as well.

    Please visit the website for more info on the event.

    Thank you!

  10. candace

    My good friend Stephanie Savage volunteers with your program on Fridays. I too have most Fridays off from work (and even some Mondays) and would like to support your cause. Can you please let me know what needs you have – and how can I get started?
    Thanks for all you do!
    ~Candace Hutchens

  11. Kathy Gichangah

    We would like to volunteer after hearing about your great work from Ainslynn, how do we sign up.

  12. Gise Jaimes

    Question: would you all accept leftover food from a catered lunch? (Sometimes we have entire batches/containers of food left.)

  13. janet hitt

    I live at Skyline Terrace Apartments and I appreciate your help with food greatly and I want to volunteer my time in my building working with your program. My phone number is 512 514 3264 and I live in apartment 422. I just returned from helping my family for almost three months while my mom had a knee replacement since my dad has had a stroke and a hip replacement. So I am new to the program here but I have lived here since it opened up. I am on SSDI and am home all the time. I work well with others but I do not have transportation of my own. I have signed up to take the food handlers certification class and hope to complete that this week. I would appreciate any information you could give me to help me be a volunteer here at Skyline. This is my home and has been for over five years and I love it here and I care about the people who live here. I think your program is awesome.

    Thank you and happy new year


  14. Amelia Hetherington

    Dear Keep Austin Fed,

    Hello. My name is Amelia Hetherington and I am the Resource Advocate for an organization called SAHELI. We provide assistance to Asian and other immigrant families who are experiencing or have experienced family violence, sexual assault or trafficking. We do not have a housing component to our services, as SafePlace does, but we do facilitate placing survivors in shelter and hotels and otherwise assist filling the ‘food gap’ left by SNAP and existing food pantries. I’m writing to ask if Keep Austin Fed ever tailors its outreach to culturally specific food and/or receive donations of things such as halal meat. It is often difficult for both Saheli and SafePlace to coordinate the provision of culturally specific foods for clients in need, without access to their usual resources. Please let me know if this is currently in your scope of service, or coordinating efforts to meet this need might be of interest to KAF in the future. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Best regards,

    Amelia Hetherington

  15. Lynn Goodman-Strauss

    Carol Price suggested I write to Randy Rosens about the Keep Austin Fed program. I am the director and founder of Mary House Catholic Worker of Autin, Inc. — January 15 is our 23rd anniversary! Mary House is the ONLY free shelter in the state of Texas for critically ill and dying homeless people with no resources. We are a nonprofit, but in the Catholic Worker tradition, no one is paid for their work,, and we try to live and serve simply. We feed and house people at Mary House, and we serve the same nutritious foods to people on the street. That said, we believe our guests should have the very best food we can offer; we serve organic and natural vegetables, fruits, and meats. I am told you glean food from stores like Whole Foods. A real difficulty for us is procuring gluten-free foods. Carol said your organization might be able to assist us in feeding all these people.. I can be contacted at 512/447-0963. Thanks and blessings, Lynn Goodman-Strauss at Mary House