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Amplify Keep Austin Fed

Austin is a foodie’s paradise, but for more than 160,000 of our neighbors it’s a struggle to find their next meal. That’s one in seven of us in Travis County facing food insecurity, a third of them are children.

KEEP AUSTIN FED is a fleet of volunteers who rescue over 55,000 pounds of food each month from caterers, restaurants, grocery stores and bakeries and get it directly into the hands of organizations that serve the hungry and struggling – from children and families to musicians and other creatives, veterans to refugees from areas of conflict.

That’s 660,000 pounds of fresh and nutritious food each year saved from our local landfills that is now helping keep Austin healthy and working by keeping Austin fed. We hope you will join us in our mission.

With your support we’ve grown from a single delivery to rescuing over 525,000 surplus meals in 2016. Your donations will go directly to helping us expand our capacity to share the bounty with those in need while reducing the waste burden on the environment.

Your gift to KEEP AUSTIN FED during Amplify Austin will be matched by two generous donors ensuring your dollars go twice as far to help your hungry neighbors.

Schedule your donation now to Amplify your contribution!

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