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Keep Austin Fed wins Austin Food & Wine Alliance Grant

On Tuesday night, the Austin Food & Wine alliance announced the 5 winners of their AFWA 2016 grant program.  The AFWA grant program awarded $27,500 for 2016, bringing their total grant amount to $142,500 over the last five years. Thanks to a special sponsored Premiere Events Community Grant, they were able to hand out 5 awards instead of the usual 4. We are both thrilled and humbled to have been awarded the top grant amount this year! We were honored to share the night with the 5 other deserving grant recipients – Miche Bread, La Flaca Urban Gardens, SRSLY Chocolate, and the Austin Ed Fund, as well as the two Honorable Mention winners – SPUN Ice Cream and LeRoy and Lewis.

With about 200 volunteers, Keep Austin Fed currently rescues over 50,000 meals each month, providing nutritious food to our neighbors experience food insecurity while diverting organic waste from our landfills. We look forward to using this grant award to help us expand our capacity to serve even more of our community.

From The Alliance’s press release:

The Alliance’s grant program is the first in the nation to provide funding to support culinary innovation that contributes to the local community. It is intended to support chefs; farmers; wine-, beer-, and spirits-makers; artisan producers; food-focused nonprofits; and educational groups. The grants align with the AFWA’s mission to foster education, awareness, and innovation in the Central Texas food and wine community.

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